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The Apparel Store @ Boulevard

"Greetings, welcome to the Apparel store @ Boulevard.

We are a specialty apparel store helping you make your ideal customised shirt.

Only two base types of shirts are used to put on your designs in our store, the round neck cotton tee and the collared Polo-T. Both are made of 100% cotton and premium grammage material for blissful comfort.

You probably will find that we have one of the widest range of colours around, 20 round neck tee colours and 13 Polo-T colours to be exact. Enjoy a peace of mind with regards to colour selection, as we will have something for you.

And we promise you your customised shirts in our usual timeline of 10 working days. Our dedicated print masters can possibly deliver 48 hours rush jobs, if you need us to bail you out of a time crunch situation.

Lastly, we have low minimums of 30 shirts, allowing a small group of classmates or working comrades to enjoy your own personalized shirt.

Please click on the links in the store for more information. Thank you and we hope to be of service to you soon!"

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