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Jazztures Prestige

Imagine receiving a branded corporate gift that oozes style and practicality. You love the quality, the packaging and the designer outfit. You smile.

Luxury Corporate Giving

Procuring straight from the manufacturers and sole distributors of branded lifestyle products, Jazztures brings to you a new solution to luxury corporate giving.

Jazztures Prestige caters to the need for a very classy gift that costs from fifty to hundreds of dollars. All products chosen can be customized with your corporate branding or personal message for that extra special touch.

You no longer have to contact different distributors for each brand. Jazztures Prestige offers a one-stop solution to a world of branded gifts!

Its in the Brand

All these brands are familiar. Gift products we procure include but are not limited to these brands:

Tiffany . Mont Blanc . Olympus . Deuter . Wenger . Maglite . Shanghai Tang . Nike . Giorgio Fendon . Acme

Let Prestige touch various points of your life!

Live - Lifestyle Items

Picture Frames, Key Chains/Rings, Business Card case, Pocket photo case, Binoculars, Crystal Displays, Candle Holders, Oriental themed gifts, Diaries, Measuring Tape, PDA Holders, Umbrellas

Work - Desk Items

Paperweight, Memo pad Holders, Document trays, Letter openers, Pen Holders, Bookmarks, Pens, Name Card stand

Move - Travelling Accessories

Luggage Tags, Passport Holder, Silk Travel Set, Money Pouch, Swiss Army Knives, LED torches, Travel manicure set, Travel Toiletries bag, Sleeping Bags, Flexi Water Bottles

Store - Bags and Wallets

Leather Wallets, Coin pouch, Adventure Backpacks, Sports bags, Wash Bags, Cargo Bags, Laptop Bags, Phone Bags, Camera Bag, First-Aid bags, Business Bags, Card Wallets

Party - Bar Accessories

Ice Scoop, Bottle Opener, Cockscrew, Knife, Bottle Stopper, Ice Bucket, Wine Holder, Tray

Contact your Jazztures gift representative to explore your esteemed giving occasion together now!

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