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Wednesday, 12 October 2005

"Material Focus" - The wonders of PU leather

The perceived as expensive material that really isnít.

Mankindís relationship with leather dates back thousands of years. The hide of animals has for centuries, kept homo sapiens warm and comfortable. Today, manufacturers of designer bags, shoes, clothing and other accessories still favour this vintage material. Leather is associated with class, style and comfort.

But leather has a few problems of its own.

Leather Problems
  1. Leather is natural, hence limited in supply with a constant upward pressure on price.
  2. Production of leather is not very environmentally friendly, with toxins released into the atmosphere.
  3. Leather is the skin of an animal, hence comes in natural (boring?) patterns.
  4. Leather is impervious to moisture absorption. Hence it will absorb human perspiration and eventually rot.
  5. Leather is high maintenance. Like human skin, you have to "bathe" it regularly.
  6. Also like all natural skin, leather is not homogenous, and hence creates production issues when homogeneity is sought.
Enter the ingenuity of mankind. Since the onset of the 20th century, advancements in polymer science have enabled us to enjoy the advantages of classy leather while mitigating some of those highlighted problems. PU Leather, a highly commercial and popular type of synthetic leather, has gained a widespread following.

Advantages of PU Leather
  1. PU Leather is manmade, hence not limited in supply.
  2. Production of PU leather is environmentally friendly.
  3. PU Leather is available in hundreds of differing colour, texture, thickness and patterns to suit thousands of lifestyle products, gifts and choices.
  4. PU leather is virtually maintenance free.
  5. PU leather can be made homogenous, and hence allows for consistent products and merchandises.
Most importantly, PU Leather keeps the class, style and comfort, but is cheaper than real leather!

Evidently then, PU leather has many advantages over natural leather. But one primary disadvantage remains. PU (and all synthetic leather) lacks air permeability, making it a little warmer, a little less soft and hence a little less comfortable to wear when compared to real leather clothing. This explains why with the clothing and shoes industry, real leather material still has a good following.

But do you need your corporate stationary gift to be air permeable? Do you need that little promotional gift of a leather key chain to be air permeable? Do you need that leather bookmark to be soft and comfortable?

You donít. And that explains why PU Leather is making a big statement in the corporate gifts industry. With hundreds of colours and textures to choose from, thousands of classy, stylish and high perceive valued leather gifts can be conjured. And you reap all the price advantages of mankindís ingenuity.

So the next time you are looking for a corporate gift of style that will make you and the gift recipient delighted, consider PU leather.

We have done that.

It wonít be expensive, we promise.

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