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Wednesday, 29 March 2006

"Product Focus" - How to create that great towel gift

Including tips on how to choose and customize that towel gift.

"A towel... is about the most massively useful thing an interstellar hitch hiker can have."
Douglas Adams

The towel is such an amazing gift item. Not only are there hundreds of ways to use a towel (see references (1)), it has great mileage to connect you to your audiences by nature of its huge printable space and intimate usage patterns. In true Jazztures fashion, we have put together this feature story to help you rethink the towel as your next corporate souvenir.

Towel types and how to choose them

The most common type you see in the market is the 100% cotton terry towel. Hence, we should concern ourselves with the selection of a good cotton terry towel.

A good towel is usually meant that it is soft to touch and absorbs moisture well. Softness is essentially determined by the grade of cotton and the production finishing. Egyptian cotton is commonly recognized as the most luxurious cotton with its long fibre staple. Moisture absorption on the other hand is dependant on the number of cotton loops in the towel. More loops will make the towel denser. Hence, the weight of the towel is often used as a retail barometer on the quality of the towel. A decent towel that will fit most uses should be between 300-420gsm2.

Do not though, always pick the heaviest towel around. They are heavy when wet and will prove to be a hassle for home washing and drying. You will feel like you are doing weight lifting on your head if you wrap a 600 gsm2 around your head after bath. Pick a towel that fits your usage. We usually recommend a 350 or 400gsm2 towel.

How to create your customised towel

The easiest way most people will know is to find a corporate gift company who will embroider your design for you. That is fine if your logo is relatively small, regular-shaped and not too colourful. But if you want to make a stunning statement and make use of the entire piece of towel for your design, you need to make the towel at a professional factory. Here are 2 common methods.

Silk screen printing

With silk screen print, there is no real restriction in the number of colours. In a professional factory, the whole terry towel will be “velvoured” before the silkscreening commences. A veloured towel is one that is suitably combed to ensure a good printout with a soft velvet finished feel. Also, there is a finishing step putting fibre reactive dye agents to ensure that the towel colours brighten and stay good after tons of washes.

Beware of many corporate gift towel providers who will skip both the velvouring and the finishing steps, especially for small quantities. Stick to embroidery when you need small and fast deliveries.

Jacquered method

This method basically involves using different coloured threads to weave a design out on the towel. This method produces a very special towel with designs that can be seen on both sides of the towel, and are good options for designs that are of 2 colours.

Finishing touches - your towel gift

Having chosen the right towel grade and done your apt towel customization, complete the whole package with a suitable package that will flaunt your towel gift. Don’t do those cheap PVC containers. Opt for a classier paper box or even better, a PP toiletries bag that can be used for some corresponding toiletries. Your towel will feel luxurious, your recipient will feel delighted, and your brand will feel stardom.

A concluding note on why the towel gift deserves further consideration.

At home, the towel embraces. At the gym, the towel cleans. In school, the towel breeds identity. At the beach, the towel says trendy. In a souvenir shop, the towel retains memories. In chill, the towel keeps your sanity.

Where else do you find a gift with such immense psychological connection with your audiences?

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